I wanted to write many thanks for the design project! ?

We didn’t even have to think for a long time! Right from a half-view they understood us and our wants! Now I want to make plans come true as soon as possible.

Elena is a master of her craft without exaggeration. We are glad she is the one we trust with the dream house ?
We will invite Kebéta for a housewarming party. Hope very soon ??

Thanks again ❤️



   When I bought the apartment, I wanted to make it innovative. There were a lot of ideas, but I couldn’t do them by myself. I went to Kebéta for help and never regretted it.

At the first meeting, I shared my impressions and wishes. And Elena got really into it, and she came up with this design that I didn’t really want to change in the future, and I liked it so much. It surprised and delighted me. I can say that she made my dreams come true – and this is high professionalism and skill! At all stages of cooperation, it was easy for us to be together. I’ve never heard from her that circumstances prevented her from working – on the contrary, everything was being done as planned. Besides, Elena is the kind of person who always tries to help, and when there were difficulties in finding builders, she shared contacts.
The final result impressed me. I can say that there is an apartment in which «my soul sings» and to which I want to return.

Thanks to Kebéta for realizing my dream!



   I’d like to leave a thank-you note to the designer of our apartment, Elena.
This purchase was our first family purchase. The apartment is two-level and it was difficult to imagine how to properly organize the layout and furniture. We asked for help from Kebéta, discussed all the details, and the designer offered several options to choose from. Gradually we got the result. At each stage of creation of the project we discussed the smallest details and knew all nuances of the best solutions.
We’re in the process of renovating it, and we’re trying to follow the project.
I also want to say that she is very pleasant and easy to communicate, she listens and she makes quick decisions.
Feel free to ask Kebéta for help.



   We really thank Kebéta for the excellent work. 

Elena is a professional designer, she is very creative. She made us a great apartment design. The drawings are very good by all standards, understandable for the masters and even for us ?

When all her work was done, we could call and consult with her. 

If you want a cozy, functional apartment,  we recommend you Kebéta.

Catherine and Andrei


    The dream finally came true and we got our own place.

Before starting the renovations we faced the question of finding an interior designer who will make a stylish and functional apartment.

We met Elena by chance, saw an ad and arranged a meeting. Elena turned out to be a pleasant person and a competent specialist, able to listen and make stylish projects. At the signing of the contract, the prices and deadlines of the project pleasantly surprised us. The designer is always ready to come and settle the matter.

At this stage the renovation is continuing and we are looking forward to its completion this year. 

We are grateful to Kebéta for its professionalism and patience. We recommend Elena as a competent specialist who will make your dreams come true.

Alexander and Julia