Together with our partner DIAMOND REALTY we offer services for the sale, construction and legal support of real estate objects

A team of professional specialists with ten years of experience will help you with all the procedures for the registration of real estate objects.
Professionally and efficiently, in a short time we are ready to perform for you a whole range of legal services for the creation of objects of architecture, construction and reconstruction, any category of responsibility CC1, CC2 and CC3, change of functional assignments, examination of projects, architectural monuments and many other services related to this area.

Main directions:
1. Construction works of any complexity, reconstruction of buildings and structures for the construction of low-rise private property – houses, duplexes and townhouses
2. Carrying out construction work of any kind of complexity on finished design projects
3. Sale of built and under construction private houses, duplexes and tankhouses, both from the developer and our own construction
4. Sale of own land plots for individual construction
5. Search and selection of land plots for new construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures both at the request of the client and for own construction

1. Sale of land plots of owners by attracting investors, developers
2. Conducting engineering survey – geology and geodesy
3. Inspection of building structures and engineering networks
4. Preparation of technical conditions for works on electricity, water supply, sewerage, gasification
5. Development of project documentation
6. Development of technical conditions for the installation of retaining walls
7. Preparation of documents and obtaining a building permit and commissioning
8. Development of project documentation together with architects and engineers from European countries, as well as with Ukrainian specialists
9. Obtaining permits from the Ministry of Emergency Situations (fire safety), SES (sanitary standards)
10. Commissioning and obtaining ownership of real estate
11. BTI – technical data sheets and other technical documentation

We are open to creating partnerships with development and construction companies!

We create the best!